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Oriental Property Transfer

Oriental Property Transfer

IT Studio collaborated with Oriental Property Transfer to launch an innovative online store for their conveyancing services. Specializing in Conveyancing for Purchasers and Vendors, Purchase/Sale of Business, and handling Other Title Changes, Transfers, Deceased Estates, and Divorces, the project aimed to digitize and streamline the property transfer and conveyancing processes. The online store would serve as a platform where clients could easily initiate and manage their property transactions.

The project resulted in a streamlined platform that enabled clients to initiate and manage property transactions seamlessly. Whether it's purchasing, selling, or handling title changes, clients could navigate the online store efficiently. The user-friendly interface and interactive tools contributed to an enhanced client experience. Clients could easily understand the steps involved in their property transactions, submit necessary information, and track progress through the client dashboard. The implementation of secure transaction processing ensured that clients could engage in property transactions with confidence. Trustworthy payment gateways and encryption measures safeguarded their sensitive information throughout the process. Oriental Property Transfer experienced increased efficiency in their business operations. The online store facilitated smoother client interactions, reduced paperwork, and streamlined the conveyancing processes, contributing to overall operational efficiency. The online store enhanced digital accessibility for clients. They could engage with Oriental Property Transfer's services from the comfort of their homes or offices, reducing the need for in-person visits and expanding the reach of their conveyancing services. View full details

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