Are you looking to kick-start or advance your career in the dynamic field of Information Technology?

Digital Marketing

We can provide SEO service for all platforms. And also can provide post design, menu and flyer design. A good marketing can bring more customers for your company.


The price for the initial SEO setup depends on the number of pages and products (typically $20 per item, varying based on the product type). The main components of the setup include:

  • Content Centered Around Keywords
    Create highly relevant and attention-grabbing content, using appropriate keywords, to increase visibility and organic search traffic.
  • Optimize Page
    Create page titles, product descriptions, and user-engaging content with multiple keyword combinations. Fully optimize page content to attract target users and encourage them to stay longer, resulting in higher website conversion rates.
  • Backlinks
    On reputable websites related to the industry,
    establish high-quality backlinks gradually
    to expand the influence of your website
    and introduce steady traffic to your site.
  • Website Optimization
    Enhancing User Experience
    We will optimize your website's speed and mobile-friendliness to increase visitor engagement, generate more conversions, and gradually improve your website's customer retention rate.
    Streamlining the Ordering Process
    By analyzing your business logic, we will optimize your order process, providing customers with a better user experience and achieving higher conversions.

Google Ads

  • Free Product Showcase
    We will review your Google Merchant Center to ensure that all products are eligible for free display on Google Shopping. We will create visually appealing product thumbnails according to Google's requirements, highlighting the advantages of the products to attract customer clicks.
  • Google Display Advertising
    We will examine your sitemap and Google Search Console to ensure your pages are more favorable to Google. We will optimize all pages to create a positive first impression for potential customers.

Social Media

  • Flyers and Pamphlets
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Presentation Folders
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Posters