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Mobile App Development

We can design and develop an ERP system for your company. An efficient order system and the stock system can help you to manage your company better.


1. Merchants can choose flexible payment methods (one-off payment or subscription payment)
2. No hardware binding, merchants can flexibly choose the hardware they want
3. Get 2 free printers and save $300
4. Reduce the handwritten ordering errors, avoid repeated copying orders, shorten the waiting time of customers.
5. Online takeout orders can be directly ordered without binding to a third platform, and there are no extra expenses.
6. No limit on the number of tables and no hidden expenses.
7. Customers can choose online or offline payment, shorten the payment time
9. free door-to-door installation system, lifelong service, so that you have no worries

Smart ordering

  • Customers scan code and place order
  • The waiter orders on his or her phone or tablet
  • Website order and booking

Restaurant management

  • Inventory management
  • Integrate orders from all delivery
  • platforms and settle them automatically
  • Analysis of popular dishes
  • Financial statement statistics
  • Customize the payment process