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Hocotech (Coolangatta / Banyo)

Hocotech (Coolangatta / Banyo)


Collaborating with IT Studio, Hocotech (Coolangatta / Banyo) embarked on a transformative journey to establish an online store for mobile phone repair and accessories. Our website offers professional repair services for various issues, like screen damage, battery problems, and water damage. We also provide a wide range of high-quality phone cases and accessories. Visit us today for expert repairs and top-notch accessories to elevate your mobile experience.


The result of the Hocotech (Coolangatta/Banyo) online store project is a chic and functional digital space that reflects the brand’s commitment to providing quality mobile phone repair services and accessories. Our homepage has been carefully designed to be one of the best in the industry. The website acts as a virtual hub for all your mobility needs, offering a wide range of repair services and high-quality accessories with visually appealing displays and detailed information. The user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation, allowing customers to explore the diverse offerings, learn about each service and product, and make online purchases easily and securely. View full details

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