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Pattern Homes

Pattern Homes

Overview: IT Studio collaborated with Pattern Homes to develop a bespoke website showcasing their expertise in custom-made curtains, window treatments, luxury soft furnishings, and home décor. The project aimed to create a sophisticated and user-friendly online platform that not only highlights the craftsmanship of Pattern Homes but also provides visitors with an immersive experience in selecting and customizing home furnishings. 

Outcomes: The project resulted in a personalized and immersive online experience for visitors seeking custom-made curtains, window treatments, and luxury soft furnishings. The user-friendly product configurator allowed customers to tailor their selections to fit their unique preferences and requirements. The website successfully showcased the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines Pattern Homes' offerings. High-quality visuals and detailed product information conveyed the quality and artistry behind each custom-made product. The integrated e-commerce functionality streamlined the online shopping process. Customers could easily browse, customize, and purchase custom-made curtains and soft furnishings, ensuring an efficient and secure transaction process. In-depth product information provided educational value to visitors. This transparency about materials, care instructions, and unique features empowered customers to make informed decisions about their home décor choices. View full details

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