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Sailing Solar

Sailing Solar

In collaboration with Sailing Solar, a professional Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved retailer dedicated to promoting clean energy in Tasmania, IT Studio undertook the development of their website. The project aimed to create a digital platform that not only reflects Sailing Solar's commitment to clean energy but also serves as an informative and accessible hub for Tasmanian customers seeking high-quality solar solutions. With a focus on efficiency, economy, and environmental sustainability, the website's goal was to showcase the benefits of solar energy and make it accessible to a wider audience.
The website enhanced Sailing Solar's digital credibility by effectively showcasing their CEC approval, assuring visitors of their professionalism and adherence to industry standards. The website served as an educational resource, providing valuable information about solar energy benefits, making it a go-to platform for Tasmanians seeking insights into clean energy solutions. Interactive elements and a user-friendly interface engaged visitors, encouraging them to explore Sailing Solar's offerings and learn about the advantages of transitioning to solar energy. By highlighting their commitment to Tasmania, the website strengthened the connection between Sailing Solar and the local community, positioning the brand as a trusted partner in the adoption of clean energy solutions.

In conclusion, the project resulted in a website that not only reflects the values and offerings of Sailing Solar but also serves as an effective platform for educating and engaging Tasmanian customers in the journey towards clean and sustainable energy solutions. The outcome is a digital presence that aligns with Sailing Solar's mission and promotes the widespread adoption of solar energy in Tasmania. View full details

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