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Steele's Island

Steele's Island

Overview: IT Studio collaborated with Steele's Island to develop a comprehensive website showcasing their diverse offerings, including The Beach Homestead, Beach Cottages, Wedding services, Retreats, Catering options, and Leisure activities. The project aimed to create an online presence that not only highlights the unique features of each offering but also provides a user-friendly platform for visitors to explore, inquire, and engage with Steele's Island for various occasions and leisure experiences.

Outcome: The project resulted in a comprehensive online destination showcase for Steele's Island. Visitors could explore not only the accommodation options but also the potential for hosting events, weddings, and engaging in various leisure activities on the island. The event and booking management features streamlined the process for customers interested in services like Weddings, Retreats, and Caterings. Visitors could inquire about availability, explore package details, and initiate the booking process directly through the website. The carefully curated visuals successfully conveyed the unique atmosphere and charm of Steele's Island. Potential visitors could get a visual preview of what to expect, enhancing their decision-making process and creating a sense of anticipation. The website served as a platform for community engagement. Visitors could learn about Steele's Island, inquire about services, and connect with the team, fostering a sense of community and interaction. View full details

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